Step up to the sink with confidence and sweep away dirt, grime and oil to leave squeaky clear, smooth skin. After a great night partying, you arrive home in the wee hours of the morning, the last thing on your mind as your bed is beckoning is removing makeup. We all have been told by mums or grandmothers the importance of washing off makeup before jumping into bed. Well it seems that they were right all along. For glowing dewy skin free of blocked pores, removing our war paint is vital.

ZO® Medical Foamacleanse™ is a fabulous, luxurious foaming cleanser designed to remove oil and grime, refine pores and all the while leaving skin fresh and hydrated rather than tight. This product foams up well and washes off easily and without leaving the feeling of a residue or tightness. ZO® Medical Foamacleanse™ is a suitable for all skin types, dry, combination, oily and even normal. Key ingredients include amino acids which are anti irritant strengthen the skin’s barrier, glycerin to keep skin hydrated and supple, and finally green tea extract which is a “hero ingredient” minimising inflammation.

A real niche for this product is for your boyfriend, husband or dad. Foamacleanse™ is ideal as a shaving gel because it does not irritate like traditional shaving gels. In short Foamacleanse™ is the product of choice for the man in your life prone to those dreaded shaving bumps.

Use AM and PM, apply to a damp face and neck. To help increase penetration of the active ingredients it is recommended to massage for sixty seconds. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
Forget convenient makeup wipes, be kind to your skin and use ZO® Medical Foamacleanse™.

ZO® Medical Foamacleanse™ is available exclusively through medical skincare clinics such as CosmeticDoctor in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.